Construction Updates

Construction Update Notice 06.01.2020 - 06.15.2020
Monday, June 1, 2020
Monday, June 15, 2020
  • Work will take place from 7:00AM to 4:00PM unless special permits allow otherwise.
  • 4th St NE will remain open for this time.
  • Utility companies (Comcast, Verizon, & RCN) continue to remove cables & connection to vacant buildings along 4th St.
  • Barricade fencing will be shifted along the west of S. Dakota Ave sidewalk as the New Pepco Duct Bank work continues.
  • Dry utility trench work for Pepco is on-going along the west side of S. Dakota Ave sidewalk and across Kennedy St NE & Dakota Ave NE intersection. Vehicular and pedestrian traffic will be maintained per DDOT requirements. Barricade fencing will separate the workers and equipment from the S. Dakota Ave sidewalk.
  • Test hole work to locate existing utility crossings with the new Pepco duct bank in Kennedy St NE and within the sidewalk west of S. Dakota Ave on the north side of Kennedy St NE will take place.
  • DDOT approved traffic control measures for pedestrians and vehicles will be used for the utility work & restoration work. Travel lanes in both directions on Kennedy St NE near the intersection of S. Dakota Ave will be made narrower during the test hole work. Certified flaggers will be on location to direct traffic when required.
  • Wet utility disconnects will take place at the vacant buildings along 4th St NE. Vehicle traffic, parking and pedestrians will not be impacted along 4th St NE or adjacent streets during this work.
  • Equipment for the raze / demolition of the vacant buildings along the 4th St NE may be mobilized to the site and work starting (+/-) June 15th.
  • Slit fence will be installed in preparation for the 3rd St NE water line work and the new bike path / sidewalk work that connects the ends of 3rd St NE.
  • Wet utility equipment may mobilize between the roadway of 3rd St NE for water line work (+/- June 15th). The bike path and sidewalk connecting 3rd St NE will remain accessible.

Contact Info:

Please send any questions or concerns to or call 202-517-1919

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The Morris & Gwendolyn Cafrtiz Foundation

This notice will be updated and circulated weekly.