Construction Updates

Construction Update Notice 06.12.2023 - 06.17.2023
Monday, June 12, 2023
Saturday, June 17, 2023

• Work will typically take place from 7:00AM to 7:00PM. On a case by-case-basis, permitted work may continue beyond 7:00PM but will mainly entail clean-up and site preparation for the following work day.
• 4th St NE will remain closed to non-construction related traffic and parking. Parking in front of the construction gates on 4th St NE is prohibited.
• In the coming weeks, DDOT will be programing the traffic signals on South Dakota and Ingraham. Please be advised of these traffic changes and road work.
• As the project progresses construction traffic is expected to continue, utilizing Ingraham and Kennedy St. to enter and exit the site.
• There will no longer be non-construction parking allowed along the north side of Ingraham between South Dakota and where Ingraham turns into Hamilton. This permitted closure will be used for construction activity only.
• There will be miscellaneous deliveries throughout the week. Traffic control personnel will be present to assist for safe pedestrian passage.
• We will be pouring concrete on site every day this week with a large slab pour taking place on Friday 6/16. This will be an all-day event with increased activity in and around the site.
• Please be advised that we will have utility work taking place on South Dakota Ave with sidewalk and selective lane closures every weekday. There will be traffic control personnel present during working hours.

• Rocketship Public School will have a full school week (Monday-Friday 6:30 am – 3:45 pm). Please be advised of increased traffic on Kennedy St. for drop-off and pick-up.
• The Social Justice School will have a full school week (Monday-Friday 8:25 am – 3:45 pm). Please be advised of increased traffic on Kennedy St. for drop-off and pick-up.

Contact Info: Please send any questions or concerns to or call 202-517-1919.

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This notice will be updated and circulated weekly.